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Diana Amir x emel by Melinda Looi

emel x diana amir
‘emel by Melinda Looi’ is a limited-edition, annual charity Hari Raya collection. The word emel is derived from the word amal, of Arabic origin. Amal means hope, expectation, and aspiration. In Malay, it means good deeds or charity. This new sub-brand offers a range of ready-to-wear apparel collection ranging from the traditional Baju Johor, Baju Kedah and the ubiquitous Baju Kurung, to more modern, edgier pieces as well as some sophisticated evening looks for dressier occasions.
A percentage of sales proceeds will be donated to a selected charity. I hope that ‘emel by Melinda Looi’ would be able to bring some Raya happiness to the less fortunate. By creating an accessibly priced collection, more people would be able to contribute to charity while doing their Raya shopping!
‘emel by Melinda Looi’ injects an extra dose of glamour to its annual collection by aiming to collaborate with a different celebrity each year. He or she would also nominate the charity organization to which the proceeds of that year’s collection would be donated. By doing this, I hope to leverage the power of celebrity influence to raise awareness for, and contribute to a variety of causes, as well as spread the spirit of giving in young people who look up to these celebrities as their role models.
This year, I invited local celebrity Diana Amir to come on board as a guest designer for an exclusive range of headscarves to complement the clothing collection. The tudungs will be branded as ‘Diana Amir x emel by Melinda Looi’. I have always been fascinated with how women express their individuality with different styles and ways of wearing a hijab. Diana Amir is one of these women – she always looks fabulous while being modest in her dressing. I think she is a great role model that many young Muslim women look up to. Diana has nominated Keluarga Besar Norlina Alawi Berhad (KBNAB, formerly known as Pusat Perlindungan PERNIM Berhad) as her charity of choice. 

The ‘emel by Melinda Looi’ Raya 2013 collection is titled ‘Raya for HER’. I designed this collection for the modern lady who juggles her family with work; moving seamlessly from one role to another. There is something for every occasion – from cheerful prints for celebrations with the family to more elegant looks for Raya parties in the city.

Enjoy seeing the complete ‘Raya for HER’ and the ‘Diana Amir x emel by Melinda Looi’ Tudung collection on facebook!