Sharifah Rose, Nia Atasha, Aisyah Aziz

Look and feel your best in Warna, the latest EMEL collection. With designer modern baju kurung at affordable prices, why
choose one when you can have many? We offer a variety of choices to suit different tastes, from modern baju kurung in unique
colours and exclusive prints, pretty lace baju kurung, to simple and elegant baju kurung.
Inspired by the hustle and bustle of hotspot cities in the world - from the electrifying neon lights of Shibuya, the UNESCO heritage
city of La Antigua and the vibrant community of Bo-Kaap in cape town, EMEL’s Warna collection brings you a fresh, fun and
colourful range of baju kurung for all occasions. Each piece can also be mixed and matched for versatility so you can have both
comfort and style while attending all those raya open houses. 



Positive, colourful and modest, EMEL is since 2013 on a mission to inspire women to look good, feel good and do good together by promoting values of
friendship, positivity and supporting charity through its Muslimah Wear Collections.

The word EMEL (pronounced eh-mehl) is derived from the word amal, of Arabic origin. Amal means hope, expectation, and aspiration.
In Malay, it means good deeds or charity. Each year, EMEL raises awareness and contributes to a selected charitable cause.