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Emel X CLPTS: BTS Hari Raya Collection Launch!

baju hari raya 2016
As you may have noticed from our social media feed, we had an Emel X CLPTS Raya collection launch event at Zoo Negara on 26th April!
We have so many things we would love to share with you from preparing the event to to the fashion show itself!
So stay tune Love, Melinda Looi & Team.
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EMEL X CLPTS - 'Colours Of The Sea' Baju Raya Collection

emel by melinda looi We have launched! We have been so happy with all the support and showing the collection to you. How gorgeous is the emel X CLPTS collaboration? We were super delighted with the underwater photo outcome for our campaign and we didn't know how Aishah, Atilia, Daphne, Dynas, Serena and Sazzy could stay so long underwater to stroke a pose!
More stories coming up!
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Love, Melinda Looi & Team
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We are so excited that Emel X CLPTS have launch!
Have a browse and SHOP!
Melinda Looi & Team
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